Product portfolio:

  • Un- and medium-alloy electrodes and wires
    Heat resistant, creep-resistant, highly heat resisting
    (Mo, CrMo, P 91 P92 ….)

  • High-alloy electrodes and wires
    (308, 309 (H), 316, 310, Ni base, cobalt, aluminum
    Highly heat-resistant, Dupex Super Duplex …….)

  • flux cored wire
    Unalloyed and medium-alloyed, high-alloyed, cobalt, Ni base,
    as well as all flux cored wire up to tungsten carbides,
    as well as closed tube flux cored wire

  • Copper, aluminum, bronze, titanium, carbon electrodes
    welding root protection pastes

You can find more information about our products in our product catalog, which can be downloaded here.