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Due to the fact that RW-Technik  is now almost 40 years active in the field of welding application, will be pleased to present some examples of our experience in the wide range of industries.


Especially in agricultural technology, the parts used like plowshares and shredders are subjected to extreme stress. We consult our partners competent due to years of experience and know how in this field.

Aluminium production

Special savings in the value chain in the casting technology resp. process, minimize wear through the use of e.g. tungsten carbide flux cored wires.


Whether applied on tunneling machinery or rock crushing plants, the use of the perfect alloy is essential. Customers like Wolfram or Sandvik appreciate our assistance.


The new rail buggy meets all the requirements of a robust high tech device for the semi- and fully automatic welding of rails and frogs. Of course, all relevant welding alloys for the railway sector are available.


Whether it is external wear or the rough requirements on the device itself, we will counsel you individually. Alloys for metal to metal wear, fine grain construction in the design, or in the abrasion on the buckets we have the solution for you.

Wood Processing

Procedures for the processing of wood from chipping to the finished product such as paper, require some intense welding processes. De-barking knifes or de-barking drums with a diameter up to 7 meters, or stainless steel components in the paper mills, always entail welding metallurgical consulting. Products to fight wear up to highly corrosion resistant duplex materials are used.

Coal Power Plant

For more than 20 years RW-Technik regenerates coal mills, explicitly bowls and bandages. For this application, a unique metallurgical concept was developed by RW-Technik and perfected over the years, for top live circles.


Welding consumables used for weather resisting steels like Corten steel constructions, etc., or for wind turbines, we offer the complete range of basic electrodes, MIG, MAG, TIG, as well as tubular flux cored wires up to the welding technological solutions for our partners.

Crane Construction

For both, crane construction and heavy machinery the use of fine grain steel is essential. We offer to our partners the full product portfolio of welding consumables as well as the technical-metallurgical consulting.

Desulphurization plants

The rising demand for energy - even on coal - requires a growing demand of special stainless welding consumables. Especially in the process industry and power plants, more complex alloys are being applied.

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The leading supplier RW-Technik with his partner Capilla Germany guarantees the correct preheating, intermediate temperatures and post weld heat treatment in the welding process for the tool steels in the forging process. Only an exact compliance with the welding recommendation leads to a maximum service life of the dies.


RW-Technik with partner Welding Alloys is certainly the market leader for the regeneration of continuous casting rolls. Alloys and metallurgical concepts especially developed by RW-Technik enables a 1-layer weld with the lifetime comparable to other common techniques. For foot rolls, a non-ferrous alloy has been develop and is already in operation. These rolls show 4-6 more operation time than “normal” alloys being applied now. We are of course able to provide the right alloys and solution for all repair work.


Whether applied on Pelton, Francis or Kaplan turbine repairs or new construction with soft martensitic steels, the correct metallurgical design is essential. With our basic flux cored wire we achieve impact values ​​beyond 90 joules. When repairing eroded or cavitated turbines amongst others alloys Cavitalloy has been used successfully.

Waste to energy

With a variety of processes such as thermal energy or crushing, special alloys go from beating, grinding stress to Nickel alloys for the fins walls of incinerators. Corrosion, thermal stress up to the flue gas desulfurization gives a wide range of applications for welding consumables.


From mining the raw material to crushing, pre-homogenization on to the heating furnace and the turning kiln with our partners we can professionally advise and save money in the supply chain. Also for prefabricated wear plates "Hard Plate" "Tuff Plate" to the worldwide patented 2 +2 sheet enriches our range of solutions for wear reduction.